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Sar Series Relay Type Stabilizer

Model Packing SizeLxWxH (cm) N.W (kg)
0.5kVA 35.5×29×42 4pcs 16
1kVA 59.5×31×26.5 4pcs 18
1.5kVA 59.5×31×26.5 4pcs 20
2kVA 47.5×34×27.5 2pcs 11
3kVA 47.5×42×34.5 2pcs 22
5kVA 47.5×42×34.5 2pcs 29
10kVA 42.5×36×44 1pcs 36

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SAR series fully automatic A.C. Voltage stabilizer adopts high technology and enjoy excellent reputation. It is well equipped and designed at JS3717-84 request, relying on fully automatic control of integrated circuit to regulate voltage. Characterized by small in size, light in weight and good-looking in appearance, SAR series stabilizer is popular for its fast running speed, high performance and convenience to operate. It is widely used in the places requiring a stable civil power supply, such as factories, schools, enterprises, hotels and restaurants, making electric appliances, like illumination lamp, TV set, air-conditioner, refrigerator, computer and ditto machine, work at a normal condition and extend their service time.  

The machine has the function of button switch memory. When it starts in"delay" status, it can switch from long-time delay to short-time delay or vice versa, and store the corresponding state. When it is in "normal" status, it can switch between input and output voltage, that is, when button is pressed,it shows "input voltage",while button is ejected, it turns to "output voltage".

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