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 JHE Series

Single designed ,convenient use
Low price ,save investment
Long life ,more than 20 years for the host machine
Battery maintained for free, cycle used for 300-500 times
Single operated , auto.alternation instance with no man
The light degree kept stable ,work reliably ,simple maintenance

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It is an emergency power device which can provide center power for all kinds of lamps(such as metal halogen light and sodium light) and is used for some emergent situations. E.g. The building is on fire.
Installation form: On the ground
Backup time: 90 minutes ,world type (the backup time could be deposited as designed)
Specification 0.6kw-10kw single phase ,input 220V,AC:(standard type) on ground: JHE-0.6KW,1KW,2KW,3KW,4KW, 5KW,6KW,7KW,8KW,9KW,10KW
Notice: The standard backup time is 90 minutes at the newest national standard GB17945-2000<>.(Reason: light not only for evacuating people but also for rescuing). This pruduct is used for fire control emergency light ,which belongs to fire control product ,according with the related rules issued by Ministry of Public Security bureau of fire protection.


Adopt the newest IGBT invertion technique
Adopt center power supplied mode ,special lamps are not needed
Power supplied for emergency ,output in AC sine wave ,stable voltage ,steady frequency ,no noise, no harm to people
It could work tegether with fire protection linking ,computer monitor ,also could be controlled by fire protection center
Output by insulated inverter
LCD colorful display
Type explanation
JHE: Emergency Power Series KW: rated output capacity ,unit(KW)
Notice: The above rated output capacity KW is the power capacity when the power factor is 0.8.
Explanation: Please make sure the installation form ,input phase ,backup time ,fire control linking, output routes when you make order.

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